Vive la France!

July 24, 2009

Seersucker Bubble Dress in Red and White

Ah, the middle of summer. Sunny days, fresh fruit from the outdoor market and (of course) lots of ice cream. That's what I think of every time I pull another one of these dresses off the sewing machine. It's lightweight, slightly textured and crinkled (seersucker is the thing to wear while traveling, lemme tell ya) with sweet ruffly straps, smocked back, lightly structured bubble hem, and a belt for the days when you want some curves. And I love the thick red on white stripes! (Woven, so they show on the inside of the garment, btw.) They remind me of the stripes that came into fashion during the late 18th century. (You've probably noticed by now that historical clothing rocks my socks.)

This little number is now up in my etsy shop and available in sizes XS-L (measurements in the listing). Very limited edition!

Seersucker Bubble Dress in Red and White

Special offer for my blog readers: 10% off this dress until June 25. Mention "I read" in the message to seller and you will be refunded after purchase. Please don't forget the code - the discount will be applied only if the code is written in the message to seller at checkout. Thanks!
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June 22, 2009

Gray Goes with Everything

Soft French Lace Bag
Yep! It's another one of my French lace totes! I had my French lace bags in gray for my winter collection and decided to make the summer version in a softer, pearly shade. Gray calls to me all year round with its neutral fabulousness. Sly little minx.

The soft tote in pearly gray is now in my shop, ready made and ready to ship. After this one goes I'll list a few more but they'll be handmade to order so if you don't want to wait too long for one better snatch this one up.

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June 3, 2009

Seersucker Bubble Dress

Seersucker Bubble Dress in all her stripey goodness.
She's baaaack...a little souvenir of my last summer collection, where I was inspired by prairie dresses, moulin rouge, the seaside in Deauville and 18th century clothing details. This is the last one available in this colorway so if you had your eye on it before don't wait to long. She's chillin' in my etsy shop, right now.

P.S. This is a preview of what's to come because I'm really in love with this little dress so I'll be making some more and variations of it in this season's prints.
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April 24, 2009

Little Black Number

Let's see, now, what do we have here?

1) Designer fabric that you're not going to find splashed all over the internet and much less on a fellow colleague at the office. Know how I know? Because it's exclusive and I got it from a small family-owned French textiles company for whom I did design work. Yeessssssssss!

2) Lightweight. Simple. Chic. 'Nuff said.

3) It's in BLACK. Come on. Black goes with everything. Black will always be the new black. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I only made two of these in this fabric with this particular print. One quickly found a home. There's one more left, and it can be found in my etsy shop. If you'd like it, don't wait too long to get it.

Little Black Number
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April 23, 2009

What's that?

Like casual French chic? Want something for your open markets and other outdoor activities? Oh, alright. Here's a warm weather version of my French lace bags which, btw, I've been wanting to blog ever since I made the first one and put it in my shop but it sold out really quickly. So now that I've just put it back in the shop I'm blogging about it right away because it's so purdy it deserves a wee little blog post all to itself.

Go on! Look at it in my shop, or at etsy.
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April 7, 2009

You know what?

I love spring. I really, really do. At the risk of sounding all poetic and whimsical instead of the "I need ADSL-caffeine-bookstore with huge selection of books in English on the corner" city dweller I've been all my life, when I look at the bright green trees right outside my window I feel like wearing a pinafore with puffy skirt and standing on top of a mountain in the Alps while I sing "the hills are aliiiiiiiive, with the sound of muuusiiiic". Just like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music! Only tone-deaf. And I'd probably be popping allergy pills.

Oh, and I'd definitely be carrying this lovely green bag with its French lace appliqué. softlace_vert3
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March 2, 2009

French Lace Bag in Cocoa

New for Spring and just listed in my etsy shop: A slightly smaller than my usual big French lace bags, but with the same functional features. I meticulously hand cut (free-form) the floral French lace appliqué and then stitch it onto the front. No glue, ever. The strap is adjustable and the metal accents are all bronze-tone, all obtained locally from my neighborhood notions supplier. To add to the "vintage" weathered look, I crinkled the cotton canvas shell. Final touch: A small (again, free-form hand-cut) lace appliqué on one of the interior bound pockets. Very chic, very français, and it's urban-friendly. Plus, I really like the color of this one. Chocolate is goooood.

French lace bag

This bag is fresh in my shop! Click here to view the listing.

A big thank you to those who support my work and my creativity!
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October 27, 2008

Look what's coming!

Psst...another French lace bag in gorgeous slate gray brushed cotton canvas is fresh off the sewing machine and on its way into my shop! Bonus features: Adjustable strap, metal zipper closure and cute plaid lining with interior bound pockets. Woo hoo!

"Big French Lace Bag"


If you ask for it, I will build it. This one was made after someone asked for a winter version of my French lace bag in cotton seersucker, so here you go. Happy to oblige :-)

On another note, remember the luxury button scarflette in peachy beige with rose buttons I gave you a peek at the other day? I put it in my shop (twice!) and it sold. I've just added another listing so you can go look.

P.S. I just got on twitter. Get the skinny on what I'm working on every day so you can get an idea of what you'll be seeing in the shop.

A big thank you to those who support my work and creativity!
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October 23, 2008

Merino and cashmere....oh la la.

Here's another sneaky peek at something I'm working on right now and plan on listing in the shop:

"Luxury Button Scarflette"


It's another luxury button scarflette hand knit in merino cashmere blend yarn and accented with some gorgeous French vintage-style buttons. I love knitting these scarflettes because i) the merino/cashmere feels mah-velous, and ii) I get to dip into my collection of French buttons. Oh la la.

On another note, remember the really big French lace bag I gave you a peek at yesterday? It's now in the shop. Yeah!

"Really Big French Lace Bag in Cocoa"


(Click here to purchase)

Pssst...I just got on twitter. Get the skinny on what I'm working on every day so you can get an idea of what you'll be seeing in the shop. Oh, and have you signed up for my mailing list yet? Please do so if you want to know about new designs and regular promotions/free shipping! Sign up at the top right hand corner of this page, and if you're reading this through a feed reader head on over to the main page of to sign up.

A big thank you to those who support my work and creativity!
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May 20, 2008

Light and airy

I'm focusing my spring and summer designs on airy, light and romantic in easy to care for fabrics that travel well. Just a couple of my inspirations are nautical stripes and French vintage, reworked and modernised in my own personal style.

Fresh and stylish designs that can carry you into the summer months and are versatile enough to pair with casual, sporty and urban outfits. Easy to wear and easy to care for! Enjoy :-)

A big thank you to those who support my work and respect my creativity!
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April 18, 2008

Vive la France!

Living in France definitely has an impact on my design sensibilities, especially when it comes to historical France. During my fashion studies I took two years of specialized courses in fashion history, and it goes without saying that historical France was given a lot of focus. I never slept during those courses - I loved, loved, LOVED them - and especially enjoyed the guided tours in museum collections and exhibitions.

One of my favorite periods is the mid to late 18th century. Right now I'm being inspired by the effects the French Revolution had on clothing trends. The French Revolution encouraged a clothing trend that did away with fancy fabrics, and simple cotton fabrics became the fashion. I'm sharing a bit of that with a few items I am making for sale online, and one of those is my "1789 Tote". I was inspired by an antique French skirt and jacket from that period (in the historical collections of the Kyoto Costume Institute) when I made the textile samples that I used in my design and construction of this bag. The jacket is red and white striped with large brown buttons worn with a fine cotton skirt in a cream color - pretty much like this bag :-)

I substituted fabrics for more modern and durable materials suitable for an elegantly sewn yet sturdy bag that makes for a portable piece of fashion history. Enjoy :-)

A big thank you to those who support my work and respect my creativity!
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