March 3, 2013

Blackbirdtees & Penelope!

This made my day: Jody of Blackbird Tees is wearing the Penelope hat I knit for her in two of her shop listings. It looks so fabulous on her and she is over the top cute! (P.S. I love how she flipped the brim in the back in the first one.)


Blackbird Tees: My Moon, My Man


Blackbird Tees: The Nomad

Jody beautifully illustrates and screen-prints original designs onto ethically produced tees, cardigans, stockings, scarves and tea towels. Check out her awesome shop if you haven't already -----> www.etsy.com/shop/blackbirdtees

Photos copyrighted to Blackbird Tees and used with permission.

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November 16, 2010

Blue skies, all the time.

[Braided Neck Cozy in Pure Wool by me. Mwah!]

I'd style it with these fantastic pieces from Etsy shops:

[Autumn Nocturne Necklace by by kathiroussel]

[Cloud Nine Dress by minxshop]

[1960s Mod Fedora by jessjamesjake]

[Branch Ring by masaoms]

[Wool Wrap Coat by 13threads]

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July 1, 2010

Etsy Artist of the Day: Pop Pop Portraits

"Like a Paperboy", original watercolor by Pop Pop Portraits
Charming. Quirky. Clever. These are words that come to mind as I sift through the wonderful fashion illustrations by talented artist Helena of Pop Pop Portraits. The illustrations she creates are unique characters dressed in some of the coolest duds I've out there, and she accompanies each with a bit of writing that gives a slice of life view into the character's life. Browsing her shop is not unlike moving through an illustrated book of short stories where each character has its own story and captures you with true-to-life facial expressions. Read on to learn a little more about Helena and the creative process behind her work.

What are your favorite materials to use?

I love to use watercolour paints and heavy weight acid free watercolour paper.

Do you have a creative process or special way to garner inspiration?

I like to work in my lounge room because it offers the most light. I usually move my dining table/work bench to face the t.v, turn it on, mute it and listen to music on my laptop. Then I might start browsing through some old magazines and fashion blogs and it generally comes together from there.

"Ice cream and Rainbow Warriors" - original watercolor by Pop Pop Portraits

Who or what do you find inspiring?

I draw my inspiration from street fashion, design blogs and contemporary artists. I've always loved the work of Del Kathryn Barton. She brought illustration and Fine Art together in such an awesome decorative way, I don't think I ever get tired of looking at her work. I wish she would have an exhibition here.

"I like love notes", 5 x 7 print by Pop Pop Portraits

Your characters are so fashionable, from their hair all the way down to their shoes! Do you have a "muse" or someone you picture in your mind before you sketch?

I've always had a love of fashion so I'm always "eyeing off" peoples outfits. I guess my characters and the clothes they wear are generally composites of people I've seen in real life or on fashion blogs.

"The Incident of the Ra Ra Skirt", original watercolor by Pop Pop Portraits

I love how each of your characters has a story. Tell us more about how these stories - do they come to you after you've created your characters?

I usually make up the stories after I've painted the image because they evolve so much when I'm painting them. I decide what name suits the character and build a story based around my little musings and fantasies, a lot of them have to do with food!

"Bowl cut since five...", 5 x 7 print by Pop Pop Portraits

Anything else you'd like to add about yourself? Favorite foods, places you like, hobbies...anything?

I was born in Melbourne, Australia and I moved to LA almost a year ago. I'm addicted to potato chips and love eating cake. Maybe one day I'll work on a book. I love going for hikes in Griffith Park and people watching at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

Thank you for interviewing, Helena!

To see more Pop Pop Portraits, visit:
Pop Pop Portraits Etsy shop
Pop Pop Portraits blog

All photos in this entry are © copyright Pop Pop Portraits and are published here with permission.
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May 25, 2010

Etsy artist of the day: LaTouchables

"The Orient Express", a Bracelet-Cuff by LaTouchables
Bohemian chic. Romance. Modern fairytale. Those are words that come to mind when I look at the beautifully crafted cuffs handmade by Dawn of LaTouchables in Germany. With vintage pieces, eclectic mix of prints and names like 'The Other Side of the World", "Olive and Sky" and "Blue Seas", these cuffs invite the potential wearer to dream, to travel, and to create poetry. Read on to learn a little more about the creative process behind Dawn's handmade cuffs.

What are your favorite materials to work with?

I love working with natural fabrics that drape well, contrasting textures, linen, hand-embroidery, leather, beads, buttons, vintage pieces, and color.

Do you feel that your work tells a story?

I suggest a story, but the piece really speaks for itself. It comes to life by being worn and by becoming a part of the experience of the wearer.

"Tall Grass", a Bracelet-Cuff by LaTouchables

Do you have a creative process or special way to garner inspiration?

It's not a thing I can call forth--it's just always there. I have more a problem to stop thinking...still the mind, but when that happens I get into what is referred to as 'flow', and that is when really exciting things happen. Of course it depends a great deal on trial and error, and constant garnering of experiences in and out of the studio.

I'm inspired by everything. I'm constantly being inspired by new discoveries, but it's the legacy of my past, my mother and grandmothers, even my great-grandmothers who grew up in the excitement of the turn-of-the century, flapper-girl days, extreme styles of the 50's and the 60's, as well as my own epoque--fashion-wise, all of this plays a role in my own work.

"Tea Shell", a Bracelet-Cuff by LaTouchables

Do you have a 'muse' or someone you picture in your mind to wear your cuffs when you create them? If so, who would that be?

I hope to hit a universal cord of appeal that provides a feeling of luxury, mystery, beauty and affection in the daily life of a woman.

To see more LaTouchables, visit:
LaTouchables Etsy shop
LaTouchables blog

All photos in this entry are © copyrighted to Dawn of LaTouchables and are published here with her permission.
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April 6, 2009

Spontaneous Shots at Etsy Paris Meeting

Oh, yeah. Just like that.

paris_meeting1 paris_meeting4
Among others: pesmou.etsy.com, collectedorange.etsy.com, Fanni Szokoli, malam.etsy.com
paris_meeting paris_meeting5
Among others: FeeABastille.etsy.com, ArtyTom.etsy.com, ArianeLulu.etsy.com
anasousa.etsy.com, lacometalab.etsy.com, matilou.etsy.com

Place: Pétula Café. 6, rue des Ciseaux. 75006 Paris
Date: April 1, 2009
All shots taken by: Me, Becky a.k.a. TortillaGirl. I had great fun and think that meetings like this should take place all the time, because you can never have too much of a good thing.


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February 27, 2009

Etsy Artist of the Day: cocon-a

poupée cocon, originally uploaded by cocon-a.
cocon is a line of handmade children's clothing and dolls created by a Japanese designer based in France, who is not only very talented but extremely gracious. (Sweetness only makes the handmade item all the better.) I discovered her shop last week and was instantly charmed by the softness and poetic whimsy of her aesthetic.

Look at this adorable guy with his snappy glasses, beret and felt hearts clutched to his chest..."fallen in love":

(See more photos of him here.)

This soft bag in blue with sweet little birdie perched on the handle is something any child would love:

(See it in her Etsy shop here.)

Cutest dress ever; the whole look is perfect. If I had a little girl, this is what she would be wearing.

(Find this one in her online summer shop.)

cocon online boutique
cocon etsy shop
cocon-a (blog)

All photos in this entry are © copyrighted to cocon and are published here with her permission.

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February 19, 2009

Etsy Artist of the Day: Lolafalk

I stumbled upon Lolafalk's work and immediately fell in love with it. She's an artist based in Dallas, Texas who has created a gorgeous line of bags that range from clutches to totes. This is someone with a strong personal sense of style and an eye for bold colors and prints!

This "Sofie Clutch" to the left is just one example of her excellent play with colors and fabrics. The red stripes on cerulean background framed by a charming vintage style floral is wonderfully quirky.

This "Lulu Clutch" is adorable with its vintage style fleuron print and red bead strap:


The "Jackie Bag" is not your typical pleated bag. Check out the clever handle and eclectic mix of prints:


And the bag that first caught my attention and got me to visit Lolafalk's shop:


Visit Lolafalk at her Etsy shop.

Lolafalk's photo collection of her bags at flickr.

{All photos in this post are copyrighted to Lolafalk and are published here with her permission.}
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February 12, 2009

Etsy Artist of the Day: Mujoyas

Beautiful and original urban style jewelry by "mujoyas", a jewelry designer and industrial design student in Argentina. I love her metalwork!

This slider pendant, called "Love Me", is currently available in her Etsy shop: mujoyas.etsy.com.

{Photo in this entry is copyrighted to mujoyas.}
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