December 27, 2010

Inspiring habitat: Victorian Cottage in Catskills

A little dream house like this would be my favorite place to sit, read, sketch and invite you over for a tea party.

Speaking of tea, posted on my photoblog are photos I took of a "tea time" exhibit at the International Garden Festival in Chaumont.

{source: New York Times article & slideshow via concrete and honey}

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February 18, 2010

Inspiring habitat: Helena Christensen

I love Helena Christensen's New York loft. Unaffected, lived-in, personal. It doesn't have that too-shiny, uber-polished, done-by-a-decorator look yet it's full of style and arty touches. I always feel more comfortable living in and visiting homes that don't make you feel like your shoes might scuff the floor or your jeans might dirty the sofa if you sit on it, you know?

{French Vogue 897}
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