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Ring around the cozy

Click each picture for a larger view!
Top row: Cabled Collar in Brown, Braided Neck Cozy in Cream, Plait Neck Cozy in Prussian
Middle Row: Braided Neck Cozy in Purple, Cabled Collar in Blue, Braided Neck Cozy in Yellow
Bottom Row: Cabled Collar in Green, Braided Neck Cozy in Blue, Braided Neck Cozy in Gray

A sampling of my winter collection of neck cozies and collars, lovingly hand-knit in the nicest French fiber I could get my hands on. All are seamless and (if I say so myself) impeccably finished. Stylish and practical, they easily fit into a coat pocket. But don't let their small size fool you: Knit of 100% merino fiber, they are incredibly warm.

Clearly, I want you to keep your neck toasty this winter. All of these cozies and collars are currently available at tortillagirl.etsy.com.

Pssst...keep your eye on my blog this week. I'll be having a giveaway for one of these little numbers!



Posted on December 6, 2010 |

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