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A Chunky Beanie

...to go with all those neck cozies & collars in pure wool in my shop.

Chunky Beanie in Pure Wool

Peoples, this thing is WARM. And I mean really warm. I wanted to keep the sample for myself, but Monsieur Le Hubby got dibs on it because he modeled it. (He and Captain Destructo keep nabbing the samples they model. I'd better start hiding them so I can have something to stuff in their Christmas stockings other than candy.)

Speaking of chunky knits in pure wool, this little hot tamale went up in the shop yesterday.

Braided Neck Cozy in Pure Wool

I can't get enough of this fiber right now. It's "wear a hat or your ears will fall off" cold in Lyon and wearing one of these cozies is like draping a little sweater around your neck. Without the bulk and static-y hair.

Posted on December 14, 2010 |

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