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Latest clothing additions to the shop:

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Some designs updated in the latest fabrics and colors for this season! All natural, either linen or cotton (or both). Simple, clean and functional with design elements that take them all beyond your average ready-to-wear. As I've mentioned before, I don't keep big bolts or tubes of of fabric lined up in my studio so all these pieces are handmade to order in very small series, which I like to think makes them all a little more special for you.


Seersucker Bubble Dress, updated in beige on white woven stripes. Hangs below the knee so it can be worn on its own, but versatile enough to be layered over jeans or pants. If you'd like to give it the impression that it's shorter, pull up the hem to create a "pouf" effect.


Marie Linen Bubble Tunic in a very special woodland forest green. There are only two of these in existence! One has already been sold. There is one more in the shop and it's probably the last as I don't think that I'll be able to find this particular shade of linen again.


Linen Bustier Tunic in a very special shade of pale greenish gray. Perfect for those trips to the beach or lovely little summer picnics. Wear it with the tie in order to keep it "secure" and in its place. Can be worn many ways, but I think that my favorite is with a pair of distressed denim shorts. P.S. Don't miss the lace detail at the hem - very French country, which is the feel that inspired me in my collection this year.


Marie Linen Dress updated in an earthy color, perfect for spring, summer and all the way through fall. It's a special shade, a medium gray with just the right amount of green in it. It's a very short dress, so if it's worn alone I do recommend a slip underneath. But again, my favorite is layered over shorts or pants. I like to bike around a lot, so that's usually how I wear my tunics or dresses.


Montmartre Linen Dress in a GORGEOUS shade of deep bluish gray, I like to think of it as "midnight". It reflects the light beautifully and has a lovely matte polish to it, which makes it go from casual to dressy very easily.


Pinstripe Bubble Tunic - bordering on mini dress length. 100% cotton shirting with a woven blue on white pinstripe and sweet cotton lace detail at the straps. Another romantic and French country-inspired piece.

New pieces coming this summer, and they will be brand spanking new and never before seen in my shop. (Pssst.....a small peek at one of them can be had in my croquis.)


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