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You want your lace bags? I got your lace bags right here.


Don't they look like candy? I think so.

All are made in cotton or 60% cotton/40% poly blends with pure cotton linings. The pink lace on beige, elephant gray lace (hand-dyed by moi, by the way, so you probably will not see this color anywhere else) on pinstripe and the beige lace on gray/brown pinstripe all have separating zippers enclosed in flaps. Which is pretty cool, because if you feel like using the bags as open totes you can open the zipper and the zipper lays flat on the inside top of the tote. The elephant gray lace (again, hand-dyed by moi) on blue does not have a zipper closure, but it has a nifty interior pocket with metal zipper closure. I also added some lace detail to the top inside of that bag so that it looks purdy even though it's always open.


Limited editions. Fresh in my Etsy shop. Go take a look. And then have yourself a lovely weekend.


Posted on April 9, 2010 |

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