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The new lace bag, she is here.

Here's the first of my lace* bags for spring and summer 2010: A French lace bag in a gray stripe on white cotton/poly blend that says "take me out in the fresh air on a sunny day". I'm theeeeeeere. Throw in a picnic while you're at it. And a bike ride. And a fistful of flowers.


This particular number is very limited edition. The ones you see here may be the only ones I'll make available in my shop - that makes your bag even more exclusive. Oh la la.


The first of them has been listed in my etsy shop. Yay.

*It's true: I just can't get enough of lace, stripes and crisp cotton. Even when I was in design school lace would sneak its way into a lot of my of my textile creations. Yep, French Lace + Me = BFF.

Posted on March 31, 2010 |

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