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Sunflower Collar

Baby, it's coooold out. Below 0 today, so I'm really starting to look forward to sunny days and blue skies. Days are still short and I don't like to use or work with artificial lighting during the day, so my sewing machine is going to have to wait a little bit longer for me to get started on spring and summer designs. In the meantime, I knit.

My latest was made on Sunday while Monsieur Le Hubby worked on a paper and Captain Destructo put together his latest motorized Lego. I saw this color during my latest fiber run and was immediately drawn to how warm a yellow it was. With a hint of orange, it reminds me of pale honey. Finally! A yellow that compliments my complexion. The fiber itself is a bulky wool blend yarn, and I doubled it for extra warmth and structure.

Sunflower Collar

I wanted something that could be versatile as well as warm: Rolled down, pulled up, worn with a coat or on its own over a tee. I think that this is something that can be worn all the way through winter into the chilly days of early spring.

And! It's now in my etsy shop :)
Posted on January 27, 2010 |

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