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Hey! Wanna sneek peek at my latest hang tags?

Today I re-ordered some more of my mini cards because I'm nearly out! If you've purchased something from my shop, you've probably gotten one of my cards attached to it as a hang tag. In case you didn't know, the images printed on my hang tags are small zooms of my own fashion illustrations. My illos are all rendered by hand on paper using Tria markers, watercolor, artist pens, pencils and the rare collage. For my hang tags I pick out a few, scan them and then crop in Photoshop. Below is a sneak peek at a sampling of what I just ordered, and those of you who have already gotten my hang tags haven't seen a couple of these images on them because I've never used them before.

moo_lulu.jpg moo_rockstar.jpg moo_rockstar_man.jpg
(Actual size will be 3 cm x 7 cm.)

One of the new additions to my hang tags is an illo of a character I call "LouLou" (because I was inspired by Louise Brooks when I came up with her in fashion school), a quick rendering in Tria marker on layout paper. The other is a man I sketched in black pencil and then clothed using a magazine tear out collage (next to him is his counterpart woman from the same collection, and I have used her image on my hang tags already because she prints out nicely). I've never put one of my man fashion illos on a hang tag before but this year a lot of people bought my hand-knit accessories to give to men, so I decided to make a manly hang tag just for them :)

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