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More hats than you can shake a stick at

...or a knitting needle, as it were.


Click each picture for a larger view!
Top row: Clara PomPom Hat, Camille Slouch Hat, Beret Style Slouch Hat Pumpkin Edition
Middle Row: LouLou Slouch Hat, Monique PomPom Hat, Camila Slouch Hat
Bottom Row: Beret Style Slouch Hat, Gigi Slouch Hat, Emma Slouch Hat

A sampling of my winter collection of hats, lovingly hand-knit in the nicest French fiber I could get my hands on. All are seamless, impeccably finished and [if I say so myself] expertly knit. My friend Christophe saw these in person earlier this week and asked - rather incredulously - if I had really knit these using only knitting needles and my wee hands. Mais, oui! (Then he ordered the Camila Slouch Hat for his girlfriend and asked for a man version of the Clara PomPom Hat for himself.)

Clearly, I want you to keep your head nice and toasty and stylish when the cold of winter arrives. As winter is almost here, all of these hats are currently available at tortillagirl.etsy.com!

Posted on November 26, 2009 |

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