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Just. Can't. Get. Enough.*

Of the draped looks we're seeing all over the place this season. I swear, I lucked out with this trend because I've been inspired by this look for a while [haha! foresaw it!] so now I can really go to town with my draped pieces.

Marianne Sweatshirt Style a la 80s, baybee!
Marianne Sweatshirt Style a la 80s, baybee!

Drapey Tee
Anne Soft and Curvy Tee

This season I'm making most of my draped looks in jersey knit fabrics. The color palette is pretty neutral, I prefer to work in neutrals at the moment because they are the most wearable and easy to mix-and-match. With the way the economy is I like to be practical: I'd rather invest in a few quality pieces with clean lines that can work with different outfits and move from one season to the other.

There are more coming soon. The ones above are currently in my etsy shop - the Marianne top is very limited as there's only ONE available in that particular jersey. I'll probably make others like it in other colors, though. Maybe a print? I'll keep you posted.

*You will now have Depeche Mode's "Just Can't Get Enough" running through your mind for the rest of the day.

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