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Seersucker Bubble Dress in Plaid!

Fresh off the sewing machine:
Seersucker Bubble Dress in Plaid.
Remember the poll where you got a chance to vote on the print I'd be using for my next seersucker bubble dress? Voilà! This is the one that won. Fresh off the sewing machine and already up in my etsy shop, it's ready to ship in size S-M. It's the only one available due the limited amount I had of this fabric, so don't wait too long if you'd like to own it. I love how the plaid looks in this dress! As one of my lovely buyers said, "it makes me think of tall glasses of lemonade on a big front porch and a lazy summer afternoon." Thank you for the perfect imagery, Kristina!


If you had your heart set on any of the other prints in the voter poll I've got two on the sewing machine right now. Those will be handmade to order so you'll be able to pick your size. Photos very soon, so stay tuned to see which ones they are!
Posted on July 9, 2009 |

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