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Seersucker Bubble Dress - Poll Time!

Seersucker Bubble Dress in all her stripey goodness.
Yesterday I talked about this dress (currently in my etsy shop) and mentioned that it's a preview of what's to come because I really love it and want to make other variations of it this season. Several people asked what prints I was planning on using for it so I decided that it was Poll Time at Casa Tortilla! Here is a photo of the prints I have for my collection this season (click the image for an enlarged view in a popup window):

I am using at least one of these prints for the Seersucker Bubble Dress this summer, and I'm letting you decide which one I'll use first. I'd like to make this dress as soon as I'm able so vote early. Thanks for playing along!

Which print do you want me to use for the Seersucker Bubble Dress first?
Thin red & white pinstripe
Thick red & white stripe
Pink & white stripe
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Posted on June 4, 2009 |

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