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Promenade in Summer Plaid

Promenade in Summer Plaid, available in my Etsy shop.
Yep, still on my picnic kick! Every weekend Mr Le Hubby, Captain Destructo and I have been biking in and around the city of Lyon. During these excursions we always stop at a grassy area for a picnic before we head back home. These outdoor escapades and my inspiration in 19th century impressionists and pre-raphaelites for this season have got me making tunics in plaid, gingham and lace-embroidered cottons. The last Promenade in brown plaid I made was quite a success, and that makes me happy! Thanks to those who have supported my work by purchasing one. Now that the brown print has been used up I've pulled out the green print, which is perfect for all those summer outdoor excursions. It'll be available in both my shops, but right now you can find it at Etsy.

Special offer for my blog readers: 10% off this tunic until June 3. Mention "I read tortillagirl.com" in the message to seller and you will be refunded after purchase. Please don't forget the code - the discount will not be applied unless the code is written in the message to seller. Thanks!
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