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TortillaGirl Giveaway!

Hear that? That's the sound of me jumping on the Giveaway Bandwagon. Now is your chance to win one of my Soft French Lace Totes in green! [Runs happily around the room in circles.]


To enter to win:

1) Visit my shop or look through my blog and let me know in a comment to this post what I've made that you like the most.

2) In the same comment let me know which is your favorite movie or scene from a movie and tell me why. In exchange I'll tell you one of mine. I love loads of movies for different reasons, but my favorites are the ones that make me bawl. As I wrote on my knitting site, one of those movies is Charlotte's Web (yes, I read the book as kid), and I must be getting soft because I CRIED AT THE END of it. Real big fat baby tears, where I wiped my eyes on my sleeve and got funny looks from my husband and son because I was crying over languishing Charlotte and her steadfast loyalty that saved Wilbur from being some hungry farmer's breakfast. I tried to tell myself that it was just Julia Roberts sitting in a sound booth without her makeup and hairstylist in tow as the voice of Charlotte, but I still sobbed as Wilbur poked his snout through the back of the truck and called out, "I love you Charlotte!" (I swear, tears stung behind my eyelids as I wrote that. Pass the tissues, please.)

So, share your own favorite movie or favorite scene from a movie in your comment. (It doesn't have to make you cry, either.)

That's it! One comment is all you need to enter, just make sure that both 1) and 2) are in that comment. Everyone gets a fair chance as it's only one entry per person. Chances to enter the TortillaGirl Giveaway end next Friday, May 29th Saturday, May 30th and I'll announce the winner the next day on Sunday evening or Monday morning because it's a busy long weekend chez Tortilla :-) Have fun, and thanks for playing along.

Entries are now closed. Results will be announced Monday, June 1!
Posted on May 22, 2009 |

I can’t pick just one. I like your whole shop, but ok…
The first one is the Seersucker Bubble Top and the other is Montmartre Painter's Bubble Dress.

Hhmmm, favorite movie.. I have so many! I like almost everything, from horror to romantic movies. I like many old B&W movies (like the feeling when you see them in b&w)

But I am choosing one that still makes me smile when I see it is an animate film from when I was a child. It is a fun and sweet movie. The name of it is Gnomes. Gnomes is an American 1980 animated film, based on the book with the same title by the Dutch Wil Huygen and Rien Poortvliet.


I've been a long time fan of your work, especially the embroidered floaty top and the Lace and Seersucker Slip Dress. And I love all your bags, esp the french lace bags and the big city linen bag.

Ok, my favorite movie or scene.. that's SO DIFFICULT to decide!!! There are just so many that have made firm impressions in my mind. If I had to choose one right now, I'd have to say the movie "Into the Wild".. movies that highlight challenging one's inner strength and self-discovery are among my favorites. I love to be left speechless after a movie.. or just the opposite.. wanting to talk about all the thoughts and emotions that a movie evoked. I'm prone to bawling as well so if I'm crying like a baby, it's a good thing. :)

Thanks for this giveaway! so much fun!

(sorry if you got this post twice.. I received an error the first time so thought I'd try again)

wowsa, wahoo! This beautiful french lace bag happens to be my favorite piece in your shop, I've been swooning over it. How exciting for you to give one away!
I also looooove the Soirre Bubble Top, very nice styling.
Ok, lets see - movie… that is really hard. (Im also a big fan of charolettes web, by the way)
Alright, got it, it has to be The Golden Child with Eddie Murphy. I havent seen it in quite some time but what a classic.
I also love the line from I Am Robot when Will Smith comes across a cat that needs a home and he says "You're a Cat, I'm Black, it would never work out" - makes me laugh everytime.
thanks for the chance at your fun giveaway!
Nicole @ lillyella

oo, shiny, i love a good giveaway, and one with movies too! my 100% most favorite thing you make is the Pont Neuf Painter dress; it's graceful, simple, and completely tortillagirl. but i've never looked all the way back at the first things you listed on etsy and i have to say i LOVE both of these (apparently i'm liking the romantic today!):

i never can choose really permanent most-favorite-ever favorites, but i have a deep love for the tipsy christmas party scene in Desk Set (Katharine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy). "sit down, Peg, and rest your face and hands." there's a lot of magic funny & poignant dialogue in that scene. and one sensational dress, too. (or there's the moment where the beach house is collapsing in Eternal Sunshine, or Mustang Sally from The Commitments, or driving through the mall in The Blues Brothers, or any moment at all from Key Largo...you see my difficulty?)

well, i'm a big fan! i love my big city linen bag that you made for me! so that's my pick from your shop. as far as movie pick it's pride & prejudice, i love it, love the clothes, the story, everything about it! thanks for the chance to win your gorgeous bag!

definitely LOVE the big city linen bag! omg. i would love to have one o' dem!!!

i am a big nerdy movie fan, but i think my favourite scene is from the triplets of belleville (also cartoon) where the dog (bruno) is laying on the kitchen floor. it is raining, and the reflection of the drops on the window are shadowed on the dog.

the clock chimes, and bruno drags his big sausage body up the stairs to bark at the train. :D

it's here from :20 - 1:00 :D

oh and i forgot to say why.

the drawings, animation, beautiful!!! and the sense of humour. also that there is no speaking in most of the movie and i love that anyone can watch it and understand :)

Hilary S.:

I really like the dresses with the pleated collars and I also like the seersucker dress with cute ruffle straps you had last year.

Movies...I'm a romantic at heart and even though it's kind of corny I like the final scene from Officer and a Gentleman when Richard Gere picks up Debra Winger and carries her out of that noisy factory. "Way to go, Paula! Way to goooooo!"

Posted by Hilary S. | May 22, 2009 3:55 PM

My favorite item is the Chaumont Sleeveless Linen Dress. I dream of wearing that dress while drinking coffee while looking at Lake Michigan from my Chicago loft, while my personal chef makes me breakfast. Yes, I dream big ;)

One of my favorite movie scenes is from 'Miracle on 34th Street'. It's the scene where the little Dutch girl wants to see Santa. Her mother tells her he won't be able to understand Dutch. But, the girl insisted on seeing Kris because she knew he was real.
To everyone's surprise, Kris begins to speak Dutch to the little girl. And, they sing a song together.

That scene pulls on my heart, every time.

I very much love your bubble dress, I love tunics and dresses. The materials you use are very beautiful.

Favorite movie scene...that is a hard one. It has to be the one of Indiana Jones where he has just managed to climb out of the gorge by means of the broken bridge and he thinks he is scot free only to suddenly see a whole horde of the enemy approaching. When grabbing for his pistol and discovering it gone, that look, that is it. The epitomy of a cool guy which sustained me through puberty :-D The realistation there were real heroes, well I was young then...


I love all your creations, but this bag the most. And I don't have one particular favorite movie or scene, but I like "Charlotte's Web" very very much, too (and "Babe" and "Babe in the City" etc. etc.).

denisef in c'ville va:

lurv the pont neuf .. alas i'm too big for it, but could see me wandering down a lane in it's glory ... sigh. thanks for that lovely daydream.

so. movie scene. i'm torn between the very end of Breakfast at Tiffanys -- when she's crying in the pouring down rain on the city street, "CAT!!!?? CAT?!!" and george pepard helps her ... sigh OR
the scene of the big party Holly has in her apartment. It's so sixties fun. The drinking and revelry that ensues .... what a fete.

thanks for having a contest. i love your bags and your clothes. i'm peeked in on your blog from way before you started sewing/designing! best wishes to you and bonne chance to me!

Posted by denisef in c'ville va | May 22, 2009 4:42 PM

I like your bags the most; especially the ones with the french lace. Your bags look so sturdy and stiff; I have always admired that !

My favourite movie is "Babette's Feast", in which a refugee top Parisian cook ends up in a 19th century orthodox religious community in Denmark. Karen Blixen wrote the book, and it's a beautiful intense low key movie about culture clash and about how good food can bring people together.

Posted by P8 | May 22, 2009 4:53 PM

so cool !!! I am so excited about this great giveaway.

I have a special liking for the Montmartre Painter's Bubble Dress ... I can easily picture myself parading with this lovely dress on a baptism day or a barbecue party :)

one of my favorite movie scene is in AMELIE POULAIN ... actually I have 2 favorites scenes : when she found a very old rusty box full of little treasories, hided there by a little boy who is a man now ...
the second one is when she goes in the home of the mean character of the movie home and cleverly conceal clever traps, to knock him down a peg or two ....

Very hard to choose only one of from your shop! Your designs are totally amazing I think! But mostly I'm loving this armwarmers! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=23851755

I'm a hopeless romantic:) Breakfast at Tiffany is my favorite movie:)

I have to say I like all of the things in both your shops. If I had to choose the absolute favorite I would go with Pont Neuf Dress (http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24936568) - so simple but absolutely not boring. And beautiful fabrics too.

As for the movie, as most above had said - it is hard to pick a favorite movie, let alone a favorite scene... But I will go wit a couple I saw recently. Notting Hill (I know, 4 weddings and a funeral was much better, but...) and the scene when He brings Her to his sister's birthday. The sister went completely crazy, and the funniest was the broker friend who, at first has NO idea who SHE is.
And let me tell you one more... Love Actually. When the extra thin girl (Pirates of the Caribbean - OhhhI am soooo bad with names) opens the door expecting Christmas Carolers, but it's her husbands best friend who is madly in love with her, and he is holding the big cards explaining how he feels...

As for crying... I cried at both those scenes. Any many others. I cry when the movie is sad, when it;s funny... well, I do cry a lot. While watching movies, that is.



What a great excuse to go looking through your Sold Items and archived blog posts!

Love everything with lace and linen, especially the lace bags (with the cocoa colored Really Big Lace Bag my favorite, and the lovely one in pink seersucker you made last summer and the dark grey one with the plaid lining close contenders). Also really like the Seniorita Juanita dress:

I really like this movie called _La double vie de Véronique_ by Krzysztof Kieslowski. It's about a Polish woman and a French woman, Veronika/Véronique and they are somehow "doubles." Veronika's story is told first, then Véronique's; they are both played by the same actress, Irène Jacob. I love the scene where Veronika is running with a portfolio of music in a town square; she sees a tour bus of French students, and she sees her double, Véronique, getting off the bus and taking pictures. Veronika dies, really tragically......and later in the movie (now set in Paris), some of Veronika's friends see the "other" her, Véronique. I think this is maybe getting a bit confusing........have always been very struck by how the director contrasts (pictorially and otherwise) the two places, Poland and France, and makes the "two Veronica" seems very similar, yet distinct. I guess you could say I'm fascinated by how the movie treats the idea of being in two places, two worlds at one time. And gorgeous music throughout.

very nice design. I chose one bag and one tunica as favorites :) http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24718299 and http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=25404639

and one of my favorite movies is "In a mood for love" I love the ending scene of the movie when a man whispers his secret into a hole in the wall, fills it with soil and...leaves... incredible work by director of that movie.

On 2nd thought, I wanted to be sure to note your knits as favorite items! Esp. the super long armwarmers---it's getting summery here and I'm resisting the weather and still wearing them, very contentedly.

what a wonderful giveaway!! mmmmm, let me see now .. your shop is filled to the brim with gorgeous creations .. only 1? Ok .. then it has to be the Big city linen bag.

Favourite movie that made me cry? It has to be ET .. when it first came out I guess I must have been around 10 or 11 (can't actually remember) but I remember the big treat of going to the picture theatre to see it .. the part where ET 'dies' (but thankfully doesn't really) is where I cried .. especially when Elliot was completely heartbroken over his loss. I'm really not sure why that movie springs to mind .. I guess because I don't often cry over movies, in fact I struggle to think of another one that I did!

Thanks for the opportunity to partake in your giveaway!

I like the one you are giving away, and this one is fab:

Hmmm favorite movie... hard question... I guess it would be LEON with Jean Reno and Natalie Portman (as a little girl). The movie is wonderful from the first second to the very end, and worth quite some kleenex :)


This is uncanny timing, I discovered your store only yesterday and am now obsessed with the Big City linen bag, I spent ages looking at it and I'm dreaming of taking it with me on my next big trip... and then a friend told me about your giveaway!

The lace bag in green is just gorgeous and as Patsy Stone once said, "you can never have too many shoes, hats and bags" (or something like that).

Favourite scene? It's from Le Grand Bleu which is still my favourite movie after many years, and it's the scene where they break into the local aquarium at night and rescue/steal the dolphin, carrying it in a sling through deserted little streets with the dolphin's squeals echoing off the buildings... and then they release it into the night sea. Sigh.

Posted by Nessje | May 23, 2009 12:32 PM

Oooh - I like a lot of your things, but the best? The bag you're giving away is my favorite. It's my favorite color, the asymmetry of the lace is pleasing, and the idea of French market shopping is delicious (we're looking at a Paris trip, hopefully early next spring).

Favorite scene... hmm.... It would have to be something from "A Room With A View" - I love the whole movie, but the scene where the men go swimming and are found out by the very practical Mrs. Honeychurch, the giggling Lucy, and the appalled and prudish Cecil - it has everything: humor, the gorgeous light through the trees, Simon Callow's plummy voice, and gorgeous young men running naked through the trees!

Jen C:

i've been an eager reader of your fluffa blog for a few years. i've missed the focus on knitting since you started fashion school, but it's been great to see your creativity expressed in another medium.
i love the pont neuf dress--classic and romantic. the chaumount is sweet too. i really like the gathered neckline you're doing.
one of my all time favorite movies is "the mission." gorgeous, joyful and heartbreaking, stirring. i'm not sure how many times i've watched it, but writing about it now, i think i'm due to watch it again.

Posted by Jen C | May 23, 2009 3:34 PM

it's all so gorgeous - but I love love love the dresses and tunics. This one is my favorite: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24352302 - I love the color and the collar. so pretty!

and favorite movie! hmm. this one is hard for me. I will confess that there is a movie that I can watch over and over again and still love every time: The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez. (hanging my head in shame.)


From gorgeous your knitted projects, I love Reveal (Rowan 34) and Wrappy Jacket - it's a tie. Do you wear either of them? This is my favorite item in your store!

My favorite movie is The Wrestler. It is so honest and raw, and it deals with aging and relationships so honestly that I cried throughout. My boys (12 and 14) liked it to, although they thought it very sad.

It was good to see your blog post. Can't believe how grown-up Captain Destructo has become!

Posted by Susan | May 23, 2009 4:19 PM

Although you have knit far fancier sweaters, my favorite is your CeCe in that wonderful chocolate color. Your french lace bags are beautiful and practical.

Movies - hmm... although I hadn't been a fan of Johnny Depp's, I changed my mind after seeing the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie and have eagerly awaited each sequel. Couldn't tell you a specific scene. Also, in Wall-E, the scene where they scanned the portraits of the captains of the space-ship - where they progressively got fatter and fatter... not a favorite perhaps, but it sure did leave a lasting impression!

Posted by Katie | May 23, 2009 4:32 PM

I love your promenade tunic because it looks so light and airy. It reminds me of a vacation! I also love the soiree bubble top because I think it would look great on me! Also your bags are cute and look functional. I'd have many uses for them!

Favourite movie is Magnolia. I love all the different characters and story lines and it's a movie I could watch over and over again.

Everything Swirly get me so, my favorite from you still is this one: http://www.etsy.com/view_transaction.php?transaction_id=6378984

Movie scenes, oh my ...
"Matrix" still has a special place in my heart. I've seen it with my sister in London. We went into the cinema without knowing what it was about and it was just so cool and perfect at that time :)

I've seen "Leon" mentioned already. Jean Reno, yummy! But that was not asked, right?

And I love really old horror and SF films. Like "Scream of Fear". Classic!

Oh, what a lovely giweaway!

If I have to name just one piece from your shop it will be Promenade in Plaid tunic. I love the fabric and design on it.

I don't watch movies that much but once I saw Amelie I knew it will be my ever lasting favorite. It's a colorful and whimsical story of finding love. I have it now on DVD too:)


I like your bags, but I LOVE the armwarmers.

Movie scene,eh? Well, I really like The Princess Bride. Favorite scene? When Wesley and Princess buttercup are in the fire swamp and the princess asks about the ROUS's. (rodents of unusual size) The appeal is the utter matter-of-factness in the somewhat absurd situation. I also like the scene whereWesley is pronounced 'mostly dead' and the doctor is chased aroundhis house by his wife yelling 'Humperdink!'. It's just so silly and fun.


Ooooooh. I'm not much for blog contests, but that bag is deelish.

1) White textured cotton jacket, from several years back. Zippered.... Wow. Okay, so it was over five years ago! You called it the "pretty cotton jacket." I also loved the shirt-draping (sewing) posts.

2) "Anne of Green Gables" & "Anne of Avonlea" (the Megan Follows/Canadian public TV version, if there's more than one). You want waterworks? I have never, ever cried so hard at a movie as I did when Matthew died. Even thinking about it.... *sniff*

Posted by Shana | May 24, 2009 5:24 AM

I've always loved your Tuileries Sleeveless Linen Dress in Indigo. Something about that colour and the summery classic look of it!

I have so many fave films that I cannot pick one - but the scene that is sticking in my head at the moment is from "The Station Agent" when Patricia Clarkson's character is having a little bit of trouble with her coffee while driving.

I guess my favourite film, though, would have to be "Rear Window".

Posted by Jenny | May 24, 2009 5:56 AM
lupita lang:

golly gee... do I have to choose just one item?
I really love the big city linen bag... but I also adore the chaumont linen dress... actually, I love all of my tortilla girl dresses... they are so cute and unique...

my favorite movie... probably Death in Venice by Luchino Visconti... everything about that movie is perfect... there is not much dialogue but I swear you can "see everything" in Dirk Bogarde's eyes his lust, his longing, his sadness... and Bjorn Andressen is just PERFECT as Tadzio... the most beautiful boy I've ever seen... I can watch the movie over and over and over...

Posted by lupita lang | May 24, 2009 6:19 AM

Honestly, my favorite is the bag you're giving away. I have a bag obsession, and love all things green. Of course, the super long armwarmers look great, too!

All-time greatest movie has to be "The Philadelphia Story", as it has the trifecta of b&w movie stars: Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, and Katherine Hepburn. Greatest scene: a drunk Jimmy Stewart talking to a highly amused Cary Grant. I laugh out loud every time!

Posted by Allison | May 24, 2009 2:28 PM
Leah Karp:

Made my way here via skinnyrabbit -- Welcome back!

I love the Soiree Bubble Top from your shop. It looks like a perfect summer top - so comfy! The fabric is just fabulous.

I'd have to say that my favorite movie scene is from A&E's Pride and Prejudice. It is when Elizabeth Bennett runs into Darcy (wet from his swim in the pond... gotta love Colin Firth!). Elizabeth is speechless and you can totallly feel the chemistry between the two of them!

Posted by Leah Karp | May 24, 2009 9:05 PM

My most favorite is the bag you are giving away and the armwarmers. I absolutely love bags, and yours are gorgeous.

I love so many movies, one of my favorites is "Shirley Valentine". I am going through very tough personal times and love to watch this movie. I just love Shirley and her dry way of delivering her lines. This movies makes me both laugh out loud and cry.

Posted by Bethany | May 24, 2009 10:01 PM

What a great idea for a giveaway! I need another coupla hours to read everyone's fave movie scenes!

I have SO many favorites. Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint's train kiss in North by Northwest. The entire nailbiting sequence in Rear Window as Grace Kelly is pursued by Raymond Burr, while poor Jimmy Stewart watches hopelessly. Anything with Bogie and Bacall, particularly Key Largo.

But. There is just one little scene in The Village (M. Night Shyamalan) that I adore - it captures the perfect moment of romance: complete trust, utter love, and the power of holding hands for the first time. :) That's when Ivy so trustingly, despite her growing terror, extends her hand outside as the entire village runs shrieking from the monster(s), awaiting her true love Lucius's firm grasp. Of course, he doesn't disappoint, sweeping her away to safety, never letting go of one another's hands. Awwww. Always gets me. :)

I loooooove your Big City Linen Bag - le sigh. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24718299

Amber G:

Well, I love this green lace purse, but I also love the Chaumont Sleeveless Linen Dress in Beige. It is so elegant and feminine - perfect for a summer party!

My favorite movie is Catch Me If You Can because I just looove Leo's suave bad boy character. I would totally fall for such a con artist myself.

Posted by Amber G | May 24, 2009 11:46 PM

I was happy to see your posting on skinnyrabbit.com--I've enjoyed seeing your knitting and designs over the years.

I've browsed your tortillagirl site several times--my faves right now are the big wool bubble bag and the promenate tunic (I LOVE that fabric).

My favorite movie scene . . . there are so many . . . I'd have to say "Good Will Hunting" where Robin Williams tells Matt Damon repeatedly that the abuse of his childhood "is not his fault." Never fails to bring tears to my eyes.

Posted by Leigh | May 25, 2009 12:55 AM

Just visited your shop and I saw so many lovely things. I love the big wool bubble bag. The green drops necklace is beautiful too! Oh, and I adore
the Not Your Average Gingham Shirt...so cute!

One of my most favorite movies of all time is totally corny but I love it. "You've Got Mail"... in the last scene where Kathleen walks over to this beautiful park because she's finally decided to meet her online love interest and discover it's Joe. When Meg Ryan starts to cry, I always cry too!

Posted by Irene | May 25, 2009 1:28 AM

First, I LOVE your Big city Linen Bag. Beautiful. I found you from your interview on The Boss of You.

I had to think about my favorite movie for about 1/8th of a second. Hand's down, no competition, it's "The Princess Bride." I love love love this movie for so many reasons. It's clever, funny, sweet, it's so fun in the love-story sense, did I say clever?

Although, I do agree with Allison. "Philadelphia Story" truly is a wonderful movie and it definitely makes my short list of all-time greats.

I love the Big City Linen Bag... great for summer!

I'd have to say The Notebook. It was so sweet and sad. I cry every time I watch it... even though I know what's coming. GREAT MOVIE!

Happy to see you alive an blogging :)

My favourite knit of yours.... hmm, must say I love all your funny toys, but I ended up with this little thing: http://www.skinnyrabbit.com/projects/spring2007_bustier.php#001195
I have been visiting your shop as well, and I love the promenade tuniq

My all time favourite movie sceene is "What is a youth" from Zefirelli's Romeo and Juliet from 1968: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UfUd03qOxE

What DON'T I like from your shop. I just discovered your blog & shop and you're already added to my bookmarks. Your items are very ethereal and feminine and picking only an item is really hard. I love the clothing items and I guess the sandy Chaumont Sleeveless Linen Dress tops my list. Keep on making wonderful things!

As for a movie - it's tough one. I don't usually recall specific scenes, but the overall effect one has on me, as well as it's influence on my general thinking. I've recently discovered that the older I get the more prone to crying over things that would have normally not caused much of a stir. The movie I choose is P.S. I Love You - not because it's a favorite of mine, but because it really changed my life.

The scenes where she's imagining he's still alive and talking to her had me crying non-stop. I was in a long-distant relationship at the time and I finished the movie with clarity that I wanted to live in the moment. So I moved to Greece to be with my boyfriend and that decision wouldn't have come about if I hadn't seen that movie. Cheesy as it was, it's become one of the movie rentals I haven't regretted, because right now, I wouldn't like to be anywhere else but here.

Becky -
I just love your Chaumont Sleeveless Linen Dress - with its romantic ruffle around the neckline and belted waist, wearing it would make me feel like a little French ingénue.

My favorite movie scene is from "Big Fish" - the scene where Albert Finney and Jessica Lange's characters are lying (fully clothed) in a bathtub full of water together, and she starts to cry as she contemplates a life without him there. As she cries, she says something to the effect of "I'll never dry out" (meaning she'll never stop crying about him dying). I just love that scene - it is the epitome of eternal love, the kind that develops after spending decades with one special person. Sigh. My eyes are starting to water just thinking about that scene :).

I love the Chaumont and Tuileries Linen dresses. The ruffles are the best! I also love the Cafe au Lait bag. How's that for narrowing down A favorite?!

Movie-wise, I love the tear-jerker scenes too. I really love the opening to Love, Actually, when they're showing all sorts of people greeting their loved ones at the airport with hugs, smiles, kisses. I always think about that now when I land somewhere & take a moment to ogle the lovely greetings around me.

I am so in love with the Big City Linen Bag. One of these days I'm going to finally justify the expense and talk myself into buying it.

As for my favorite scene from a movie, the first thing that comes to mind is Kermit the Frog singing The Rainbow Connection in the opening song of the Muppet Movie. It's such a sweet song and it sets the scene for the movie perfectly that it makes me tear up every time.

Thanks for the giveaway, I'll keep my fingers crossed!

I really love your tops but I'm in love with your Lace Bags, spacially the Soft French Lace Bag.

And movies, ah! I love that scene of "The Piano", when Holly Hunter is playing the piano and Harvey Keitel is under it, he can see her legs covered with heavy black pantyhose, but then he sees one little hole in them and puts his finger just there, in the right spot, if you really think about it, it is really sensual, almost erotic. Brrr!!


Hi Becky,

You know I am huge fan of your work, so it is difficult to pinpoint one favorite item in your shop. Among your recent listings, however, I have to say the Promenade Tunic in White French Lace is one of my favorites. I love lace and I love white clothes--I think there is something so appealing about a floaty white top! :)

As for a favorite movie/scene...well, I'm going to reveal myself as a total cheeseball, but I love A Walk to Remember based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, featuring Mandy Moore (as Jamie) and Shane West (as Landon). I hesitate to reveal this, as a friend told me this was the worst movie she had ever seen (guess she's not much of a romantic!), but I love the scene where Landon, in an effort to help Jamie complete as many items as possible on her list of "things to do" in life, takes her to intersection of two states to fulfill her wish of "being in two places at once."

Posted by Catherine | May 26, 2009 7:06 AM

I loved your butterfly series way back when. :)

Favorite movies... many? Dreamgirls, loved Jennifer Hudson's stage scene. Really obsessed with her Secret Life of Bees as well.

As for old time classics, you still cannot beat Dirty Dancing, especially that "I carried a watermelon" bit.

Most romantic/ sexy kiss for me - The Wedding Date.

Well, I've always loved everything you've designed--remember those chef's pants made into the most adorable top/dress? I almost dropped dead when I saw that--l-o-v-e-l-y!!! Okay, I love your luxury arm warmers very much, the soiree bubble top, the big-city linen bag (scrumptuous!)...and on and on...

The favorite scene in a film? Difficult, but I would have to say, Catherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart are going up a river in the African Queen, and she dumps all his alcohol overboard and he looks like he's going to kill her, but later on he softens up and she falls for him and when she says, 'Charlie!' we know she's head-over-heels, and then they get caught in some river sludge...leeches are involved...it's a beautiful tale!


Ok , lets see !

I love this beautiful neckwarmers in your shop!

My favorite movie is : " The Notebook "
Every scene in this movie is my favorite !!

My favorite of yours? My fabulous little clutch purse (I think its name was Marlene?), which I use for pretty much every dress-up occasion!

Since my brain is tuned to cycling right now, for my movie scene I'm going with the Triplets of Belleville and the three weird old sisters hunting frogs for supper with grenades and umbrellas (terrible! I love frogs! But so irresistible and quirky and unexpected)... and also all the bits with the dog.

And for a tear-jerker, Out of Africa was on television recently, and boy was I sniffling by the end. I told myself I was going to go to bed before the sad part, but I couldn't tear myself away.


Hi, Becky -

Longtime skinnyrabbit reader, first time poster (glad to see that you still write there - nice to "catch up" with you). In your shop now, this bag is my favorite, though I've loved a lot of your other bags too. On your blog - most of the stuff that you've knitted.

Movies? 80's John Cusack flicks, especially Better Off Dead. Is there a single scene there? Probably not, the whole thing cracks me up ("Gee, Ricky, I'm sorry your mom blew up" "You know, the international language? Love? Love, I'm talking about love" "Franch dressing, franch toast, franch fries" - I could go on, but I won't, doesn't translate without the visuals). Also Smilla's Sense of Snow, because I love the scenery and the main character in equal parts. And of course, To Have and To Have Not with Bogart and Bacall. Ahh, to have Lauren Bacall's confidence at any age, not just 19! "Just put your lips together and whistle. You do know how to whistle, don't you?"

Just wanted to say that when I changed careers from software development to city planning, I read your blog religiously - if I didn't have time to knit myself, I could at least live vicariously through you, esp. since we're at most a year apart in age. Really glad to see that you're through with your schooling and loving this new part of your life - congratulations!


Posted by Pam | May 26, 2009 10:02 PM

I feel like saying "long-time listener, first-time caller," since I've been viewing your stuff for years. Looking back in the store archives, I have to say I always loved the hatbox purses - such a cool shape and the wrist strap sold it for me. Sweet!

Favorite scene in a film? That's hard for a film snob! But I'll go with my favorite scene from my favorite movie: The final scene from "Rushmore," when every cast member is framed in a wide shot, dancing to The Faces' "Ooh La La." It just makes me happy, and it has Bill Murray.

I remember seeing sugar skulls in one of your sewn pieces... was it a bag? I love Day of the Dead sugar skulls.

My favorite movie of all times is The Dark Side of the Heart (El Lado Oscuro del Corazon) by Eliseo Subiela. My favorite scene is when he recites the Benedetti poem "Tactics and Strategy" as a pick up line, but the girl interrupts and finishes it for him.

I love soft wools and jumpers, so these armwarmers would be an extra special treat!


I have about 5 favourite movies that I watch endlessly, year in, year out.

I always cry in The Joy Luck Club when the daughter meets her older sisters off the boat from China

I love the bond between Jet Li and Aliyah in Romeo Must Die, it is very touching

I forever watch The House of Flying Daggers for it's cinematography and love struggle

Again I always cry in The Russia House when Sean Connery meets Michelle Pfeiffer off the boat in Portugal - so happy! (so, so teary!)

and I love the movie Love Actually - it really is a classic!

plus I cried ALL the way thru Marley and Me :)


Limiting myself to what is current in your shop, my favorite fantasy is the Mexican Garden necklace. Almost equal with that is the Tuileries linen minidress because the shape of it is so perfect.

Movies...my favorites are The Magic Flute (it's a Bergman film and it's *cute;* imagine a Bergman film's being cute), and Much Ado About Nothing because it's Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh, of course (check out Dead Again for the same reason), and because those people are having SUCH a good time at their Tuscan house party. Remember there was a film, Silk Stockings, which was advertised as 'Garbo Laughs'? Much Ado should have been advertised as 'Denzel Smiles.' The entire opening sequence is just brilliant. And I love the score. The scene that makes me cry is where Kate Beckinsale as Hero takes off her veil and Robert Sean Leonard sees that she is still alive (not a spoiler, we knew it all the time).

Btw, it just slays me that you design all these web pages as well.

Posted by Angie | May 27, 2009 12:25 AM

Ooh this was really fun! To go thru your websites I mean. I have clearly been way out of the loop. I like your plaid bubble bustier the mostest. SO CUTE. I'm also loving this bag you have put up!

I loooove movies so it's hard to pick a favorite scene. I can come up with my favorite scene for right now. The scene near the end of Anchorman where Ron Burgundy is walking down the street, all dejected, and he takes a swig of his drink and says, "It's so damn hot!! Milk was a bad choice." His delivery, as well as the ridiculous line, never fails to make me laugh.

Posted by Mary | May 27, 2009 7:30 AM

My fav from your ship is this indigo dress:

One of my fav movies is Forest Gump, it is full of everyday wisdom :-) an cute absurd humour. Since I love the whole film, it is hard to pick only one scene, but I will try. Maybe the one, when Forrest gives a speech in Washington, and from the stage she recognises his love, Jenny weaving from that famous pond in washington DC.


1. I looooooooooooooooove Montsouris Painter Sleeveless Layering Dress, so cool :)

2. Anne from Green Gables - the moment she was chasing the cow and falling in the mud. Always makes me laugh :)


Letsee...I would have to say the Promenade Tunic is my fave. The white is fabulous, as is the plaid [you can take the girl out of the Catholic School Plaid, but you can't take the Catholic School Plaid out of the girl].

And since we're talking chic fashion sense, the favorite movie of mine that comes to mind is Rear Window. The movie is the perfect Hitchcock thriller and it's made even better by Grace Kelly in Edith Head costumes! I wish I could get my hands on that green suit with the white halter or the white frock! To die for!!!

Hello! I would love to enter your giveaway, and I'm so glad you're back to blogging again. I looked at your Etsy shop and my favorites there were the Promenade Tunic and the French Lace bags due to the beautiful, feminine details. I love looking at your past knit sweaters and I totally love the Audrey FO pics, especially on the Vespa. :-)

Since I'm a total Audrey Hepburn and romantic comedy-type-of-girl, my favorite movie scene is from Breakfast at Tiffany's at the very end when she finds Cat in the alley and kisses George Peppard. I love that scene because it's so emotional and romantic. Plus, I've always fantasized about kissing in the rain. Sigh. :-D

Barb C:

Hey stranger - still looking in to see what you're up to. I'm still knitting a lot.
Love the big linen bag.
Movie fav is Casablanca. My oldest daughter just got to see it in a history class in high school as it's her teacher's favorite movie. Silly little part I love is when Renault is describing Rick to Ilsa and says that if he were a woman, he would be in love with Rick.

Posted by Barb C | May 28, 2009 4:44 AM

Oh, this is one give away I would be overjoyed to win!!! I love all your work, especially the beautiful clothing you make and this one is my favorite: Essoyes Sleeveless Dress in the pink!

My favorite scene in a movie is the movie called "the party" it is Danish and the best scene is when the main character reveals all during the wedding supper. It is so jawdropping awesome and so real seeming.

thanks for this lovely opportunity to win your great lacy bag!

tortillagirl, your shop is amazing, you better know that!
this bag is art, it is you and so beautiful!
i like so much the Soft French Lace Bag purple, beacause my colours are the purple ones and greens!:)
and i really like the Chaumont Sleeveless Linen Dress - Sand! is so elegant and stunning!:)

am a charlottes web fan, i have seen it couple of times! i got the dvd yeahhhh!
i love the shrek movies , and am a huge fan of tinkerbell and all magical and mythical movies with fairies and elfs! i like the over the hedge, and and and...lots of lovely favourites movies!

thank you for the chance to win, i wish all the best! :)

hl tan:

1. fave item from your shop is my new white french lace promenade tunic top! it fits me just the way i love it! i'm going to wear it next week with jeans, a vintage brown belt, my gerard darel bag, heels and pretend i'm back in paris!

2. Lost in Translation with Scarlett Johansson are Bill Murray is an all-time fave of mine. i love tokyo but can so totally relate to being a stranger in the bustling city, even if everyone's so friendly and nice. every time i watch it, i am also mighty amused by how a japanese sentence is so much longer than an english sentence expressing the same idea!

Posted by hl tan | May 28, 2009 12:53 PM

Good grief! I almost missed this giveaway extravaganza. I only just found out about it. In under the wire...phew!

Well, Becky, I had a hard time choosing my favorite piece in your shop as well as my favorite movie scene. It has ended being something like the favorite of my favorites. Sheesh, sheer torture!

In your Tortilla Girl shop I have chosen the Montmartre Painter's Bubble Dress.
I absolutely drool over it every time I see it. Although I would be thrilled to own anything in either one of your shops. Every item is beautifully made.

As far as movies are concerned, it was ridiculously difficult for me to choose a favorite scene. There are so many genres and categories of favorites; favorite funny scene, fashion, noir, romantic, sexy...endless choices. I'm a classic movie fanatic and have tons of favorites.

I decided to go with a favorite movie ending. I love a movie ending that leaves it to your imagination as to what happens next. I, of course, will imagine a happy ending every single time. My pick is the ending of The Third Man (1949). Do I dare say the ending? It will spoil it for those who haven't seen it before. For the chance at that gorgeous bag, I'll risk it :). In the last scene, the main character, Joseph Cotton, is leaning against a car waiting for the leading lady, Alida Villa, to catch up with him. She's walking down a long road. He's casually smoking a cigarette when she approaches his position. Instead of walking up to him like he's expecting, she just continues to look straight ahead and walk right past him. He stays where he is and she keeps walking and that's the ending. It's magnificent. If you haven't watched this movie, I urge you to see it. It also has an amazing scene introducing Orson Welles into the movie.

Thanks for the chance of winning that fabulous bag!


I LOVE your lace bags and your Margot earrings. It is hard to pick a favorite.

My fav movie scene is Marley & Me, a great movie for dog lovers.... when Marley dies and his "Mom", Jennifer Aniston puts the gold necklace that Marley ate and then they had to do poop patrol to retreive in his grave as he is family.....sniff sniff.. I cried for Charlotte's Web also...Sleepless in Seattle...practically any movie I need a box of tissues for but that's ok, that means it is a good movie.

Thanks for the give-away. I hope I am the lucky one to win such a beautiful bag, I collect bags and my kids call me a "bag lady"!

Posted by Shirley | May 28, 2009 5:12 PM

My favourite item from your shop - can I have two?
1. The Big City Linen Bag - for all the reasons you gave, because its a big slouchy carry-all and the fabric design is subtly very cool indeed.
2. The Organic French Neck Wrap - because it is so much more chic than a Buff!
Favorite movie / scene - I know you didn't ask for both, but : ~
Fave Movie - has got to be Breakfast at Tiffany's, oh how I sometimes wish I was that chic, living in a Brownstone apartment, but I'm not - so it fulfills my day dreams
But my fave scene has probably got to be the very end of the Railway Children (original film 1971 film), when Bobby is on the station platform, the train pulls away, the steam clears and her father is there. It is a weepy one this - it gets me every time I watch it and she crys "Daddy, it's my Daddy". I think its because it reminds me to cherish my own Dad.

Posted by Jules | May 28, 2009 5:41 PM

i really love your sewn items & the materials you use to make them !

my favorite movie is Emma & i really enjoy the whole thing -- i stare at the beautiful dresses the women wear, the empire waist, Gwyneth Paltrow looks so lovely in all the dresses !

please enter me in your generous give away ! thanks !!!


Bonjour Becky,

I'm a professed bag-a-holic so my favorite item in your shop is a tie between the Big Wool Bubble Bag and the French Lace Bags. I love the combination of structured shape with decorative detail, the mixing of function and frill for bags that are both practical and pretty. The Not Your Average Gingham Shirt is a close runner-up for the same reasons.

Movies that move me to tears also make the deepest impression on me. The titles that come immediately to mind are Cinema Paradiso, The Greenhouse with Claude Rich and Monty Python's Life of Brian. The first two are films I would dearly love to watch with family but can't because of my tendency to bawl throughout. Life of Brian, on the other hand, makes me laugh so hard that I cry.

Thanks for giving us the chance to win such a fabulous prize!

Posted by qrious | May 28, 2009 10:39 PM

I love the Pont Neuf Painter Dress. Those sleeves make me crazy! I also love the bubble dress.

As far as movies scenss go, there are quite a few. When the Beast shows Belle the library? LOVE. When Dinah sings Lydia, Oh Lydia in The Philadelphia Story, and when a drunk Macaulay Conner calls out for CK Dexter Haven in the same movie. Oh! How about when Pontoufle jumps away at the end of Chocolat? Metaphor and what not - gotta love that. For a weepy scene, its the part in While You Were Sleeping when Sandra Bullock starts telling the family that she's been without family for so long. Oh! Sniff, sniff! I'm getting misty just thinking about it! Add to that just about every scene in Love Actually (but especially the caroling PM and his driver) and that's probably enough until you ask for more, right?


The Montsouris Painter Sleeveless Layering Dress is my fave. Something so sweet about it.

My favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption. My favorite scene is much harder to say. Let's go with when Andy breaks into the prison PA system and puts on an opera record. All the prisoner's everywhere stop where they are and Morgan Freeman talks about what the moment meant to them. It's just awesome.


Ok, this is hard one...I like Montsouris Painter Sleeveless Layering Dress (currently on your shop) but I loved Pont Neuf Painter Dress (unfortunately sold out already. sniif!)

I am so poor movie rememberer, but this is my all time favorite, have also read the book and it always touches me (especially at the moment...) The education of Little tree written by Asa Earl Carter. Well, you asked movie, eh, I don't remember who made it (I have it somewhere though...) The book and the writer has very interesting story and gives some contradictory thoughts about the writer, but heck (pardon), he made great, lovely, touching book so for me it's enough and I believe people can change :)

Here is wikipedia info about it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Education_of_Little_Tree

Now I wish good luck for me :)

I like the Montmartre Painter's Bubble Dress in gray the best. (It was HARD to pick). I like the bubble cuffs and the strappy belt. Would look cute on me!

My fav movie is "Mommie Dearest." I LOVE when Joan Crawford slaps and chokes Christina after Christina asks her why did she adopt her. Joan says, "why can't you give me the respect I deserve like any person off the street? And Christina says, "I'm not one of your fans!!!" The the slap and chocking starts!!! Classic.

Thanks for doing the contest!

I love the Tuileries dress. Soooooo chic!

And my favorite movie scene by far is in "Big Fish" with the field of daffodils. Makes me go weak in the knees every time seeing all those yellow flowers :-)


I have read your knitting blog for a long time and have always been inspired by how nicely finished your sweaters are. I especially think that your apricot jacket is impressive.

As far as movies go, I just watched a really good French film. The English title was I've Loved You So Long. It was beautiful and sad. If you like movies that make you cry, you should definitely watch it!

Posted by erika | May 30, 2009 5:25 PM

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