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I'm not a pullover-type person

I don't like pullover sweaters because I don't get cold very easily and sweaters are true to their name: They make me sweat. Plus, I dislike having to pull sweaters on and off when I come into a warm room from the cold outdoors. Doing that not only makes my hair all static-y [oh, the vanity!], but I've misplaced more pullovers than I can count because they were forgotten once I pulled them off. Solution? I now own very few pullovers and have knit myself an impressive collection of arm warmers, wrist warmers and basically any sort of tube that keeps my arms warm while still allowing me to wear t-shirts, which are a big staple in my wardrobe. And what's the point of fingerless? Well, just because I can knit fingers on gloves doesn't mean that I like to wear fingers on gloves. I've knit many a finger on gloves for my boy to wear, but I don't wear them myself. I wear my mitts both outdoors and indoors and having them fingerless means that my fingers are free to type, draw, paint, pin clothes on a dress form, sew and eat chocolate.

I love chocolate.

If you love chocolate and/or if you just like to keep your arms and wrists warm, feel free to drop by my new Etsy shop for my spring/summer collection of hand-knit "Less is More" fingerless mitts.

A big thank you to those who support my work and creativity!

Posted on February 9, 2009 |

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