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Etsy Artist of the Day: cocon-a

poupée cocon, originally uploaded by cocon-a.
cocon is a line of handmade children's clothing and dolls created by a Japanese designer based in France, who is not only very talented but extremely gracious. (Sweetness only makes the handmade item all the better.) I discovered her shop last week and was instantly charmed by the softness and poetic whimsy of her aesthetic.

Look at this adorable guy with his snappy glasses, beret and felt hearts clutched to his chest..."fallen in love":

(See more photos of him here.)

This soft bag in blue with sweet little birdie perched on the handle is something any child would love:

(See it in her Etsy shop here.)

Cutest dress ever; the whole look is perfect. If I had a little girl, this is what she would be wearing.

(Find this one in her online summer shop.)

cocon online boutique
cocon etsy shop
cocon-a (blog)

All photos in this entry are © copyrighted to cocon and are published here with her permission.

Posted on February 27, 2009 |

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