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Fall Previews

Just a peek. Lots more coming :-)

A few years ago I designed a pair of opera-length armwarmers for myself and showed a picture of them on my knitting blog. I called them "Wannabe Punk Armwarmers" and I've worn them every single year since I made them because I love them so much. I figured that it was time to make myself some more in other colors, and at the same time I made some for you because I want you to be urban cool and stylin' while you keep your arms warm and toasty. What I love about them is that they're unisex and would make a great gift for a guy!

A crisp and slouchy bustier in high end fabric for all seasons. Wear it alone or layered over a shirt. The body has a whole lotta ease so it's best paired with skinny pants, shorts or pencil skirts. Belt it if you want some curves. It's a cute and lightweight thing to wear and the crinkled glossy linen fabric makes it so versatile that it can be worn day or night, casual or chic during any season.

I hand knit this collar using high end fluffy French yarn in pure white and trimmed it with wool plaid fabric for fabulousness. It looks totally smashing and will keep your dainty little neck warm and toasty. Word.

A big thank you to those who support my work and respect my creativity!
Posted on September 5, 2008 |

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