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"Hey Dolly!"

Here is a part of one design from a fashion collection I recently made:

In a very small nutshell: antique dolls, 18th century corsets and Lara Stone were some of my sources of inspiration. There's lots more, but I'll spare you the wordy paragraphs :-) Let's just say that much time was invested in looking through history books, studying antique doll collections and experimenting with modern materials in order to give something old a new twist.

Just for my shop customers, I came up with a pretty and feminine clutch using one of my textile samples and the color scheme I used in my "Hey Dolly" collection:

I currently have this one for sale in my etsy shop only, and it's a limited edition clutch so you don't want to miss it if you like dainty and pretty things. Click here to view this item's listing!
Posted on July 19, 2007 |

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